Prayer List

Prayer List


Please pray for the church services; Prayer time at 9:o0am, Sunday school at 9:30am, Church at 10:30am, College group at 1:00pm.  Pray for Dale and Mike.


Pray for family members and friends who do not know the LORD.  Pray for God’s guidance throughout the week


Pray for those who are suffering with health issues.  Pray for how you can serve someone today.


Prayer time is at 6:00pm Wednesday evening.  Pray for the middle school and high school youth groups that meet at 6:30pm.


Please pray for the persecuted church worldwide.  Pray for God’s mercy, thank God for His love.


Pray for the men’s breakfast at 6:30am at the Sundowner.  Pray for our nation to become united.


Pray for families, marriages, praise God for His blessings in your life, ask for His guidance.